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"B.N.F. or the Bibliteque Nationale de France"

"JR artist over Mitterrand"

A new mini gallery, with the result of a little personal essay in architecture section of the showroom...

It's may personal use of Composite Photography.

It's about five years ago, since June 2009, that my creative work in the field of  Architecture and Industrial Photography uses this technique to produce hi-res images and to control the perspective creatively.

The final quality and size of the original image are amazing.

In this personal research work I have tried to "Render" the charm that the Artwork of
JRartist and architecture of Perrault in Bercy have inspired me.

i Hope You'll enjoy the effort.


7chiesethBasilica san sebastiano fuori le mura

"Sacred façades" & "The Seven Pilgrim Churches Road"

The project of the façades began in summer 2013.

It is a project of architectural photography.

I spent all my spare time in 2012 to study the possibilities of the composite photography, both in terms of perspective and in concerning the high quality obtainable in the resulting image.

When I strarted this project, I was looking for a "Palladian painting" perspective, and to better find it, I went to the Basilica di San Sebastiano fuori le Mura in Rome, early morning in a day of little tourism.

I came back there several times during the day, and every time I tried to simulate the views of the Italian drawings of the 1500s.

Central perspective, ventral view, no distortion of convergence. A clean view of the whole building in a glance.

Behind me there were all of the hours spent studying the composite image, and the result was pleasant and successful.

This prompted me to invest my summer holidays in the city of Rome, photographing the road of the seven churches with the same intent.

The result, still rough, is inserted into these two projects in Architecture section of this website.

All images proposed are made with an average of 50 photographs joined together.

There are currently about 50 churches in Rome that I photographed using this technique, I've collected into two series:The "Sacred façades" and "The Seven Pilgrim Churches Road"

I like the result, let me know what you think about.


october, 21st 2013



Modern Times In Paris (Reloaded)

Added some images in Street Photography section of the site.

This pictures were taken during winter 2012-2013 in the Town of Paris (France)


september, 23 2013