Leonardo Damiani fotografo - ph. Flavio Ianniello

Leonardo is a photographer at 360 degrees.

He began his career in 1982 as a photographer in a photojournalistic agency in his hometown, Rome.
Over the years, He moves to Spain, France, Mexico, and divides his interests between the activities of Architecture Photographer, Social Reporter and the teaching of photography.

During his career, his photos have been published several times and his customers have been different and numerous, too many to be listed in a boring way.

Today, He dedicates himself mainly to Composite Photography using this technique in architectural photography and documentative pictures mainly for private professionals, Architects, Art Restorer as well some Archaeologists...

He loves teaching... he has taught and he still teaches in various institutions dedicated to photography.

His "Artistic" pictures are signed (and so known) under the pseudonim of "gruppogarage" and they have been exposed worlwide since 1988.


 For more infos and curiosity feel free to contact Leonardo directly.